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hmm mine came today and upon looking at it there are dieefrfnces. I’m going to try to post a review tonight or tomorrow. Still good just different. I wonder if they will be having different ones now that they are official?



field, I'm not really a sci-fi mo-rgveoei, but I might check out the new film, and, of course, I'll be sure to look for those parallels that you mentioned. I teach college English, so perhaps I'll have a bit of new movie material to flow with next semester.


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Pelo discurso desconfio de perdemos uns litros de etanol para exportar. A teirsrrota tem toda pinta de pinguça. Dupla explosiva, não acendam fosforo perto, Lulla e Estela. Além de bons de copo, bons também na safadeza.


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Commovente.Io penso che i libri non siano libri. I libri sono persone. Sono la voce di persone che hanno avuto il coraggio di guardarsi più a fondo, di immaginare più alto. E a quanto pare, sono persone con cui si può stringere unii39;am#ciz&a che dura una vita.


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Well, I lived in a 745 sq ft house for 30 years. It worked really well for 2 of us until except when the creative urges struck us. Then, finding the space to make a mess was a bit of an issue. The house is for sale now, 35 acres of beautiful Colorado mountains with a little house with a spcuatcelar view.



Mardell is a politics junkie, and little else. He&#8217;s into the dog and pony show stuff, the rhetoric, the speechifying, the attack angles, the superficial theatricality of it all. Even though he&#8217;s a die-hard Leftoid, he doesn&#8217;t like to get bogged down in policy stuff too much. He&#8217;d much rather play armchair quarterback and guess whether or not this or that political strategy will work. When he&#8217;s not busy playing the race card, that is;;pbsn;&nbsp.&nbsp&3 likes


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This is such a beautiful and inspiring story. Pirelli looks like and reminds me of my 3 legged yellow labrador, OOkie, who lost his leg to cancer last year, yet remains an iniioratpsn to all who meet him.We signed him up for the therapy program so he can show others that there is always hope.These boys are amazing. They are here on this earth to help all who meet them.I loved reading this.


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Hey – nice blog, just looking round some blogs, appears a reasonably nice platform You Are using. I’m at present using Drupal for just a few of my websites however trying to change considered one of them over to a platform very much the same to yours as a trial run. Something in particular yo12;8&u7#ll suggest about it?


Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very imanptrot.


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Rolig jueierlpynttng i huset her, Terje lagde middag mens jeg og barna pyntet.Må jammen si at treet ble kjempefint, og Håkon gjorde en verdig jobb i forkant. Gleder meg til å se det nyttårsaften. God jul :) julesuss og klem

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