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love isn't always on time
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I rekocn you are quite dead on with that.



I would absolutely give this a tr#&28230;I&#8y17;ve always wanted to go to Napa and Nashville – and my husband has zero interest in either place – I may have to make one of those a solo trip!


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Look at all your beautiful comments, Leanne. 107 on the last one! You beat me hands down!!! Now, the pictures &#8211; just stunning! I guess I need a tripod, but we do;8#&217nt have too many lights here in the country. Some on our street &#8211; even at our house for the first time! I love the ornaments. The upside to just finding junkie ornaments is that you don&#8217;t spend a fortune on them. I loved the glass one from Denmark. Thanks for sharing. And most of all, thanks for being a friend!!! Marsha


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The hotseny of your posting shines through


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Pour suivre les deux séries depuis le numéro 1 du reboot des New 52, je peux confirmer qu&rsquo;elles font, à mon sens, partie des meilleurs titres du moment. Cerise sur le gâteau, elles ne cessent de s&r;ruosamélioqer notamment depuis le numéro 11.


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Jeg kan godt forstå, du er faldet for dem. For mig handler det helt sikkert om &qt;rofleue-princippet&quot;. Hvis man bare havde en eller to, ville det ikke rigtig du - så køn er puden jo ikke i sig selv. Men det er et helt vildt lækkert billede og de mange farver sammen gør hele forskellen! God inspiration


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Ah, Su&aane&#8230;Arnbiez#8230;I still have your sample with maybe one wear left, found it the other day, and as soon I get a chance, I&#8217;ll wrap myself in its glorious spice and fire and&#8230;think of you, of autumn and &#8211; why not? &#8211; maybe a little romance, too!


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vescovo, anzi ARCI-vescovo, cioè ricolmo della pienezza de7&2#8l1l;Ordine Sacro, per meriti di servizio AD PERSONAM??? Il Vescovo, non è in relazione al Gregge di Dio??? Comunque, Don Georg, a quel che si vocifera, a un certo punto si sarà forse dimostrato inaffidabile ( o disattento), ma rimane pur sempre il BEL Georg di sempre: e allora che vada a decorare il Sacro Collegio&#8230; E chiedono dove è lo scandalo&#8230;. Certo, a gente che riducono la fede a cicaleccio o cinguettio, tutto cola liscio &#8230;


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E aproape o tragedie sa nu simti parfumul nobletii, de-a lungul cararii pe care o strabati in viata… am simtit, de cateva ori, niste arome, doar, dar esenta paurlmufui, in sine, n-a ajuns pana la mine. Cred ca sufletele nobile sunt din ce in ce mai putine… de aceea nu mai putem mirosi parfumul!



Also wenn du mit einem teeetbjlkoiv versuchst makro aufnahmen zumachen ist das keine gute idee da diese objektive oft eine große distanz brauchen um etwas zu fokusieren, das sind meistens umgefähr 1,4m oder so. Beim makro objktiv ist das anders, das kann das motive aus naher distanz sehr scharf stellen .

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