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The DUI was his first offense under the substance abuse policy. His other offenses were personal conusct.Yed, I know it seems silly that a DUI is in a separate category but that is the way the CBA is written.



You’ve got an exclneelt site. I really enjoyed to visit it. I thank you for all that you share with us here. I’ll come again and again to see what’s new.


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Slavery was not intended to be the main point of my previous comment it was an example of a practice that was morally tolerated before the insaitrdul age and was morally frowned upon during the industrial age. What I was wondering was weather a number of other changes in the modern ethical code are going to disappear with fossil fuels.


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[…uuTobe.Y] bien Peter, me encantan los informes de Peter. Deberían darle una copas para que saque el talento que tiene adentro jajajajaja. Bebed de mi copa y seràs eterno dijo peter ajjajajajaj


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Skottet som aik fick pÃ¥ i slutet av fÃÃnl¶¤gnirgen var inte bara ribbträff, Rahm styrde upp den i ribban via handsken.Sedan var han inte i mÃ¥lgÃ¥rden när mÃ¥let gjordes utan efterÃ¥t sÃ¥ en riktig dommar tabbe


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Palpe Pulp fiction :Ce n&rsquo;est pas pour me vanter, mais il semble que Paulo soit une bête en cour. En tout cas, il a le vent en pou(l)pe. Jesús,Votre dernier lien ne manque pas de sel (de mer) : « Ils capturent calamar d&rsquo;eaux profondes avec un pénis géant (qui turgide). Ils sont gonflés, ces scfnitieiques !


I must say, modern Vix looks heaps happier than corporate Vix :)You look divine in red! I can see why Jon is chasing you around!Fab bikini and I love those murocioltled platforms! Wow!


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I&#8217;m Thai. It&#8217;s sad to hear that but it&#8217;s true about losing face culture.Most Thai people learn English from Thai teachers that usually have incorrect prnnnuciatioo. So, it becomes like a cycle of mistakes.I think it will take a lot of time for improving. Inequality is still high for education. Hope you can understand.


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No problem Paul &#8211; you write in a way that I want to read. Andrew Hicks is a very friendly guy and I&#8217;ve tried to help him a couple of times. His Thai Girl book is a giant seller I&#8217;m sure.Thanks &#8211; re: MikeFook.com. Right now what I&#8217;ve learned is that writing a LOT of books can get you decent numbers. Now I need to learn how to write one excellent book that gives amazing numbers. Amazon is a tough nut to crack, but, once cracked, is good to have in your mouth. That make any sense? Nahhh&#8230; Ok, neerrmind.Chvees Paul!


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Thanks for your thuhogts. It's helped me a lot.

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