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Pai daca le ordona Basescu PDL-ilor sa nu se duca, e jale. Inseamna ca nu ii intsreeeaza sa rezolve situatia de fapt. Asa va intelege lumea. Hai ca a facut o miscare politica dibace, Crin. Ma si mir. :)))


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…u;&otq…They understand Marx well-enough, though&quot;Too bad they didn&#39;t study more Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, or Friedrich Hayek!!


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52282#E&17; veramente un sito squallido con persone squallide che per mettersi in mostra prendono in giro persone meno fortunate e soprattutto indifese, mi fate venire il vomito, se avessi un parente disabile vorrei incontrarvi per strada per vedere se avete il coraggio di ridere di persona così potrei rompervi il culo in diretta


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In a way, cool and yea, but I really would like to see a newspaper that is truly independent of any particular slant. Perhaps a bit too much to ask, but neither conservatives nor liberals are complete blocs.I am not asking for &#8220;fair and ba12lced&#82an; because we know what a crock that is, but I would like to see an editorial board that is thoughtful and educated and places commentary on issues from a considered, independent viewpoint without pre-considered notions.For the most part, such a situation would be liberal by default, but still&#8230;


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Bomber why do you insist on flogging a dead horse. It is almost a certainty that the entire free world is on to it whe it comes to this niurmd.Dombe is addressing it. Rudds pulling them out in 08 and he's desperately looking for some new friends. Damn that nigga is shit outta luck!_YAAS Energi



Et alors ? Sylvie commandera t elle une 4 fromages supleémpnt olives ? Ray afutera t il son opinel sur un carton pizza hut ? Ces deux la écouteront ils enfin la voix du seigneur pour se rencontrer en boule et en os ? Quel suspens les sagas de l&#39;été !



HUahuahu, parabéns ICO, um dos melhores posts que já li. Foi praticamente uma quest de RPG esse seu passeio por Xangai, só faltou enfrentar o chefe da dungeon.Não sabia que você é Tolkienista também, ou que gosta pelo menos do SdA. O Velho é &quot;meu Medsde&quot;.Auarranto ansiosamente o Credencial.

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