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I imagine Renaud Machart to look like Anton Ego from Raotetuilla. I'm not defending Krzysztof Warlikowski because based on this snap shot of the staging it looks like the director would have achieved the same effect if he had simply masterbaited on stage for two hours.


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All I can say is IT&#8217;S ABOUT TIME! Jana is such a fabulous exciting wroner/tivelist we are all honored that she will FINALLY be able to meet all of her crazy funny wonderful Aussie fans!



Hi Sonia, they make with such special presentation in making okonomiyaki. It look like a clam shell so prettty. There is small cafe here which make really nice okonomiyaki but they name it Japanese pizza. The owner is a young lady graduate from Japan. Have a wonderful week ah..dae:)mui..^^


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Keith Olbermann spews nothing but lies and hate. And what Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann have brought up about this $20 billion claims fund is a legitimate question about Presidential overreach. Process ma#8res.&tt220;Nobody with half a brain&#8221; would take Bill Press seriously. That&#8217;s why his book is selling so poorly.



A cada que passa tenho mais admiração pelo blog. Apesar de não ter muito tempo pra postar comentários tento acompanhar sempre que posso &#8230;Adoro vc camila e mesmo sem conhecer pessoalmente percebe que é uma pessoa super si©Ãática..Alpmm de super vaidosa e linda é claro. um super []


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Pli;Cung&#8230mban I just say what a relief to discover someone that truly knows what they&#8217;re discussing online. You certainly understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more people need to look at this and understand this side of your s&#8230;


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thaliak: We are delighted to hear of your enjoyments! And thank you for the welcome home. To wake up in a yak he9der&#3r;s hut surrounded only by snowy peaks (and yaks) did indeed feel intrepid. And rather a lot of the amazing.-J


Hi my dear-wow, you look positively gorgeous in the catsuit and sunnies and I&#39;m so pleased you had such wonderful success at the booty today and yesterday too, I&#39;m not surprised you did so well with your table of truaseres!! rest well and have a good evening xx


Stay inifrmatove, San Diego, yeah boy!


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Hey, that's poluwfer. Thanks for the news.

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