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Make a start — by admin at 09/20/15 (Sun) 19:11:14

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Take a moment to familiarize yourself with all exits. If there is a need to evacuate, we ask that you please use the stairs. Please remember to assist disabled or elderly haters.

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  1. The new rulers over the virtual world have excluded us creators from all decision making, making us dependent, driving too many of us into controlled poverty

  2. Now we leave their kingdom and regather all people of the mind

  3. Music and creativity always come first. Any industry should only exist to serve that goal

  4. Cynics, charlatans, fakers, populists and reactionists do not belong here

  5. Never share any information posted here on social media. If you want to bring friends to this place, pass on the link via encrypted email or better in person

  6. Creativity is constantly evolving and changing and not a repetition of the past with slight variations as many out there want you to believe.

  7. Create the future